Students are saying...

Studying in the communication program has equipped me with the skillsets that are needed to take something, like a form of media, and use it in a way like Charge [magazine] is being used. We may be a little bit inexperienced, but because we’re students, we’re given opportunities to do things like that allow us to get our hands dirty and figure out how to make something work.
— Lindsey '16
I had the opportunity to interview my favorite hockey player, Will Bennett, who plays for the NHL now, and I wrote an article about him that was featured on a website. My journalism classes prepared me for this. If you learn good writing, everything else with your communication is going to fall into place.
— Lauren '14
The Communication classes have really expanded my abilities, so rather than being focused in on writing for a newspaper and having a specific format for that, it helped me see other types of writing, other ways to use words to achieve a certain purpose.
— Aubree '18
[My study of Communication] has been helpful because a lot of the things I was learning about in the classroom in our very first COM 101 class have to do with broadcasting. So I would hear all these terms in class and when I read the textbook and then when I would go to work I could ask my supervisor, ‘Can you tell me about the Federal Communications Commission?’ and she’d respond, ‘They come and review us and give us our license.’ So, it was helpful for me because it was real world experience along with the text that I was reading.
— Kelsey '16
The things that I am learning about in the classroom correlate into what I am doing for my internships. For example, while interning at a Christian school, I worked on their website and designed many flyers for them, which related to my Graphic Design and Writing for the Web class. It enhances the learning experience when you are able to learn in a classroom, but then leave and apply what you are learning right away in a hands on experience.
— Whitney '15
My classes have taught me how much I need to grow. They have stretched me and taught me that I need to hone in on my craft and I need to work on really polishing off my writing.
— Keri '14